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We need your help because your referrals are the lifeblood of our business. Only through YOUR assistance can we keep building the business and consistently provide the level of service that ensures our clients are always completely satisfied. We sincerely hope you will tell your friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers about our services. You'll be doing them (and us) a favour because they too will receive the same excellent service that you have experienced with our home-selling team.

We are on a mission to raise $10,000 for CAMH (Centre For Addiction And Mental Health) and CADDAC (Centre For ADHD Awareness Canada). We donate a portion of our professional fees to both of these extremely worthy charities. It is without a doubt that ADHD and mental health issues are common in our community and continue to be a contributing cause of death around the world.


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CAMH is Canada's largest mental health teaching hospital and one of the world's leading research centers in its field. It is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto and is a Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Collaborating Centre.

With a dedicated staff of more than 3,000 physicians, clinicians, researchers, educators, and support staff, CAMH offers outstanding clinical care to more than 34,000 patients each year. The organization conducts groundbreaking research, provides expert training to healthcare professionals and scientists, develops innovative health promotion and prevention strategies, and advocates public policy issues at all levels of government. And through their Foundation, they're working to raise tens of millions of additional dollars to fund new programs and research and augment services.

ADHD is a chronic neurodevelopmental disorder affecting approximately 2 million individuals in Canada. Left untreated, ADHD can have devastating effects over the course of one's lifetime. CADDAC is a national charity that improves the lives of Canadians affected by ADHD through awareness, education, and advocacy.

 ADHD is linked to:
 • An increased risk of mood and anxiety disorders • Transportation accidents
 • Injuries
 • Unemployment
 • Incarceration
 • Substance abuse disorders • Suicide
 • Teenage pregnancies
 • Underemployment

Every single day, families and children are affected in Canada. Many of them are struggling without a diagnosis, without support, and without support systems to help them cope and find the tools to succeed and thrive.

Our families have been directly affected by ADHD and Mental Health issues so in hopes that one day no one else will have to experience the angst of dealing with ADHD or any kind of addiction or depression, we have chosen to donate a portion of our professional fees to these charities.

As well, when you refer a friend or family member to our team not only will they receive award-winning service, but they will also be contributing to these extremely worthy causes. Together we can help calm minds and ensure that everyone gets the support they need.

We encourage you to visit both of their websites at and and check out the incredible work they are doing in our community and beyond!


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