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Lisa Baird-Oryschak

The TB Realty Group Administrator
Lisa brings a rich and storied legacy of real estate expertise to the TB Reality Group, where she joins as an Administrative Assistant. While not a real estate agent herself, Lisa's family lineage is deeply intertwined with the world of real estate, spanning generations and fueling her passion for the industry. Born into a family where real estate runs in their veins, Lisa's roots in the field trace all the way back to her grandfather. Her family's love affair with real estate has manifested in numerous ways – with four real estate siblings, a realtor daughter, five nephews, and a niece all actively contributing to the industry. Family gatherings have been more than just reunions; they have been arenas for discussing market trends, sharing success stories, and instilling a sense of purpose in each generation. Lisa's commitment to her family's real estate tradition shines through her role as the newest member of the TB Reality Group. After dedicating time to nurturing and raising her own family, Lisa now steps back into the professional arena with an unwavering determination to enhance the team's efficiency and growth. With a unique perspective gained from her previous administrative background and her familial real estate heritage, Lisa is poised to be an asset to the TB Reality Group. Her attention to detail, and passion for creating seamless processes will undoubtedly contribute to the team's continued success. As she embarks on this new chapter, Lisa is enthusiastic about the opportunity to play a key role in the team's growth over the next few years. Her dedication to building on her family's real estate legacy and her genuine excitement for contributing to the industry are palpable, setting her up to make a lasting impact on the TB Reality Group and the real estate community at large. Welcome, Lisa, to the next exciting phase of your journey – one that promises to honour your family's heritage while carving out a legacy uniquely your own.
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